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7:30am | Hillsborough Family Photographer

When I previewed Daphne’s session a couple of weeks ago, I said that when I shared the full session on the blog, the title would be “Why you should all insist on scheduling your portrait sessions at 7:30am.” As you can see, I shortened that a bit, but only because it seemed cumbersome as written. […]

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Stephanie - Love your work. I am just starting out. Your work is what I am looking for which is EXCELLENT! Thank you for sharing. You were very helpful!!

amanda - Sometimes I feel repetitive when I comment on your posts because all I seem to say is: “oh, these are great!” or “I just love this post!” and I fear coming off sounding disingenuous. But at the risk of that, these are great! I just love this one! This post in particular captivated me and I kept going back and looking at it. You’re right, the lighting is amazing and dawn is my favorite time of day (even if I’m just sleeping through it). But this little girl’s smile is infectious and impossible to resist. If I had to pick a favorite I’d say it’s the trio of her dad throwing her in the air. When you captured her in the third one, looking at the camera… oh!
Annemie, I just love your blog and, of course, your work as a whole.

Daphne | Hillsborough Family Photographer

Such a sweet girl, framed in light almost as beautiful as she is. Oh, how I love my job… Keep an eye out for the rest of Kevin, Debbie, & Daphne’s session, which I very may well title “Why you should all agree to insist on scheduling your portrait sessions at 7:30am.” xox, annemie

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Debbie - love, love and love – you just made my day, annemie!!

Jill - Gorgeous! And what a sweet face!

Holly Jenkins - Beautiful pics of my awesome niece…and sister-in-law and brother! Can’t wait to see the rest!