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Iris | Child Portrait Photographer

Sarah and I met in 9th grade, and she’s one of those people who would play a big part in my biography if ever one were written: together over the years we’ve played soccer, acted in plays, gotten in lots of trouble, celebrated birthdays (we’re six days apart), driven cross-country, planned our weddings, cried happy […]

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Jayne D. - The one with the shadows is amazing! You can really feel the personal connection in these photos. Love them.

Bert - What beautiful photos of beautiful people.

Harriette - Anna, These are so beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing. I would love to have print copies of some of them. Please let me know the process for orderining.
We loved seeing you–so good to see how your talents and career are coming together for you. Love to Oliver and his birthday too. We appreciate Matt and Judah sharing the time so you could be with us. Love, Harriette

evan - these are beautiful sis. but was that a little jab in the introductory paragraph? hmm?

Brooks Everett | Raleigh Newborn Photographer

It’s such a small world. This sweet little baby’s dad Karl is a friend of a friend of mine from long ago and far away, and we ran into each other by pure coincidence at the hospital two years ago when his first son, Archer was born. Fast forward two years, and his wife Erin […]

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Jessica Goryl - Oh! What an amazing coincidence & small world!! Karl: your family is beautiful & Annemie: this pictures are just so sweet! Congrats!

Jayne D. - Beautiful! I can practically smell that sweet baby smell just looking at these pics.

Aimee - That baby is so pretty! Love these pictures! Makes me miss my newborn…kind of :)

Brothers | Chapel Hill Family Photographer

There have been times when I’ve entertained the thought of a third child, but then the thought occurs to me: three boys. I mean… Three. Three BOYS. This is not a decision to be entered into lightly. Not that I don’t adore my two boys with every fiber of my being, but come on… there […]

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Erin T - Look at those beautiful smiles!
I agree, Annette and Scott have the sweetest boys. But Annemie, yours are pretty great too :)

beth - seriously- how do you always take such amazing pictures!

kate - These are just wonderful in every way. What great moments of laughter and fun captured. Well done!