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Big Weekend | Chapel Hill Event Photographer

Two years and a week or so ago, I had my fingers crossed REALLY HARD that the timer on my little bun in the oven would ding in time for Halloween. I wasn’t due until the second week of November, but I’d gone into labor a couple of weeks early with Oliver, so I was […]

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Clara - GRRRRRRRReat Job Anna! This time you got all smiles out of me… Chooooper nice cake and baloon wreath, Choooooper sweet birthday boy images… and WOW what a vampire!
You got it girl! … you did it again!
Love and fun.. what else?

kate - Party time!! A great job of making the birthday and Halloween celebrations picture perfect… yummy, colorful, joyful and scary. Thanks for sharing your amazing talents… and the wonderful pictures of your sweet boys.

evan - the cake is amazing, judah is adorable – especially as elvis – and oliver is truly terrifying. tell him im too scared to visit now. not too shabby for an over-worked mom.

Meg - SERIOUSLY, the cake, the wreath? You are an amazing supercreature- they look fantastic. I really love the pic of Ollie & Judah (can we nickname him Jud?) pre-cake, where you sort of get the feel that they’re back home from college, sitting around the table telling stories and laughing. And that guitar pic is too much- he’s clearly made to be rocker. :)

Bert - What a great looking bday party! Beautiful photos. The kids certainly look as though they are having fun.

amanda - don’t know how you do it… supermom!

Sneak Peek: Annalise | Raleigh Child Photographer

If anything was going to compete with the gorgeousness of Saturday morning, it was the sweet little three year-old I got to photograph in Raleigh. Seriously: GORgeous: Annalise’s parents have had professional portraits made for her every year around her birthday, and looking through this year’s set, I know they’ll be able to pick these […]

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Marta - You really seem to have caught their joy with the picture on the hill. Nice work!

Matt - Beautiful sneak peak as always, you talented wife you… <3

Jenn - Wow those eyes are out of control – what a beautiful shot of this little girl.

stu s - hey annemie – very beautiful pics as always. the color in the first one is brilliant and the dreamy, hazy quality of the bottom one is very cool.

Bert - What beautiful photos! The shallow depth of field and crystal clarity of her eyes in the first photo is perfection. And she looks so engaged… about to ask a question or waiting for an answer.

molly - Wow! Beautiful.

The Cobbler’s Kids | Chapel Hill Child Photographer

My dad has a tendency – like any grandfather – to foist pictures of his grandchildren upon anyone who will humor him. I used to make it easy: when Oliver was born, I created a Shutterfly account and every month without fail, posted twenty or thirty or a hundred new pictures. Last October, though, as […]

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Brandon Rector - This post is misleading. I want it on the record that I was not given grilled pizza during my visit to the Tonken household.

Clara - Although I was forced and they were not dedicated to me, I will make them all mine! How not? You are a wonderful family! Please let Oliver know that I liked his pictures as the best of all!

Erin T - I’m with Brandon. I hope you now feel obligated to have us over for grilled pizza. (nice porch cushions btw)
Great photos of Ollie’s smiles! And Judah is getting to be such a big boy!
Maybe you should start a monthly entry dedicated to your photos of your loved ones?

Molly - Awww – this is my favorite post. Judah’s little face has changed so much since I last saw him *sniffle*. One day those pix of him carrying around that guitar will be on the liner of a CD (or whatever we’re using then). Hugs to all! XO

Kate - I’m with Erin T….”Maybe you should start a monthly entry dedicated to your photos of your loved ones”. These are all beautiful shots— family, friends and fruit— of a wonderful, fun and yummy Summertime!

Bert - FINALLY!!! Some photos of the grandsons! What a wonderful selection of photos! The photos Oliver took were really good. A chip off the old block. Erin T’s idea is one I certainly support. The fruit/veggie shots are outstanding. And the kids playing in the sprinkler… ahhh, summertime. I like the way you did the B&Ws and the vintage look to some of the photos. Judah: Geetar man! Great job.