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New Family Portraits

Deanna has a new last name, a new home, and a new plan for her future, so it makes sense that she wants new family portraits to mark the occasion. Deanna, Hannah, and Preston have been through a lot together in the last year, but you won’t meet a happier, more loving trio anywhere. One […]

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Molly - These are great – hard to pick a favorite, but the B&W of Mom and Daughter might be it. If only I looked that good in my “awkward stage.”

Kim - Beautiful as always!! What a gorgeous family and an amazing mom :)

Caroline Lima - These are beautiful! The one the girl is on the swing and the sun behind is amazing!

Bert - A bunch of great photos… really nice.

kate - Really lovely. Family photographs to keep forever! Well done.

Tammie - Annemie,
I started following your blog after the Bambi Cantrell/Creative Live class. These family photos are spectacular. I especially love the large shot of the daughter on the swing. Your shots are creative, unique and inspiring. Well done and continued success to you. ~Tammie

amanda - these are fabulous, Annemie… Really wonderful.

Juliet: Portrait of a (Young) Lady

I recently had the opportunity to photograph one of the most meaningful, hand-crafted rites of passage I’ve ever witnessed – certainly among the 13 year-old set! Juliet, whose family identify themselves as Humanistic Jews, chose to become a Bat Mitzvah in a very non-traditional way, and worked for a year to create a ceremony that […]

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Joda - What a wonderful series of photographs and a comely group of people.

John - Wow! Wonderful job. A beautifully captured day!


In Sickness and in Health

This spring marked the third year in a row that I’ve done family portraits for Karinda and Jason. Their two boys – Elijah and Ezra – are almost exactly a year ahead of my own boys, and it’s been so fun each year to get a glimpse of what’s in store for me the following […]

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Caryn - What a wonderful Mother’s Day gift for this mom. Two beautiful boys! I wish little Ezra healing.

Molly - I love the colors of this set! The trees in the background look like they’re painted in. One of my favorites to date.

Karinda - Oh, Annemie! Oh…. This is just beautiful. I can’t seem to stop crying now. I never knew Elijah felt so lonely… I knew it was hard, but, my God, the things your kids don’t tell you. Thank you so very much. You’ve managed to eliminate any lingering reservations I had about documenting this horrible time in our lives. I just wanted it…I just want it to be over, and your unbelievable talent made a huge part of it not be so bad. I couldn’t have asked for more. We were still so stuck in the disease at that time it was hard for us to just be the happy family we are. Thank you for letting me simply let go. You are just beautiful.

Janice - Annemie,

I don’t know you but thank you for such beautiful pictures of my cousin and her family. I love them very much and was so worried…….. It’s nice to see my cousin smiling even in the midst of the storm.

Many Thanks,


kate - This is beautiful in every way. Your words, insights and photography are exceptional. I know that Karinda and her family will treasure this post for a very, very long time.

Bert - God, Almighty. What a heart wrenching story. There are so many events and people that touch our lives and have the capacity to change our hearts. Whenever I’ve come into contact with parents taking care of their sick children, I feel as though I am blessed by their presence, their example. My heart is changed from the sometimes cynical, hard hearted one that I can allow it to be, to one that is empathetic and generous and forgiving and patient. It changes me, even if it is not for long enough, to be considerate of others (How do I know what is going on in their lives? Is something tragic happening to them?) and try to be a better person for/to them. People like you, Annemie, who can share the touching story that this family has given you the gift of photographing, are good for all of us. God bless you, and God bless Karinda and Jason, and God bless Ezra, and God bless sweet brother Elija so that he never has to be lonely. Thank you for the beautiful, touching photos & essay.

Xiomara - This was absolutely beautiful!!! The photos truly captured my cousins spirit! Thank you so much…. for the photos and the story.