Peach and Brie Quesadillas | OMG

I know it’s been a week and a half since I last posted a recipe… I promise it’s not for lack of cooking, it’s just for lack of taking pretty pictures and blogging about it (It takes time! More time than you’d think!) Hopefully today’s delicious addition to your recipe file will make up for it :D

On the menu: Caramelized Peach and Brie Quesadillas with Honey (originally found here)

(I was particularly excited to try this recipe as it’s by a friend of mine from back in my NYC days – chef Chris Santos whose restaurant Stanton Social you MUST try next time you’re in the city… if you can get reservations, that is.)

Chris Santos Quesadilla Recipe

Ingredients (amounts adjusted… what does that shmancy chef think he’s got on me anyway?):

  • 6 (6-inch) flour tortillas
  • 3-5 peaches, sliced and sautéed quickly with chopped thyme
  • 1/4 lb of Brie cut into very thin slices
  • 1/2 of one red onion sautéed in butter until caramelized
  • 1/4 c honey

Place three tortillas on a flat surface. Evenly distribute about 1/3 of the peaches, onions and brie on each of the tortillas, season to taste with salt and pepper, then cover with a second tortilla. Add a plain tortilla to close the deal & press down firmly.

To cook, place on hot grill or in a sauté pan with very little oil. Grill until golden on one side. Flip and grill until golden on the other side. Cut into triangular slices, drizzle with honey, then attempt not to shove the whole thing in your mouth at once. Seriously: attempt it… and best of luck.

Chris Santos Quesadilla Recipe

Once again, I was surprised by my children’s lack of enthusiasm about this dish. There’s absolutely nothing in here that they don’t both love… maybe it was just their mood that particular night. Of course, they rallied in time to take pictures – they obviously take this part of the job quite seriously.

Chris Santos Quesadilla Recipe

The good news about making things that I honestly thought my kids were going to go crazy over but they only sort of poke at is that I then get to eat all the leftovers… in this case, immediately following my own dinner. I mean, I’d hate to waste the food, and quesadillas aren’t exactly known for their reheatability.

Mmmm…. peaches.

Chris Santos Quesadilla Recipe



kate - This sound great! If they taste anywhere near as delicious as the photographs they’ll be a staple of peach season. Again, beautiful work. You are becoming quite the food photographer AND stylist.

Amanda - As I was reading I actually thought, “I bet the boys went NUTS over this!” It was surprising to read they were lukewarm to the recipe. Well no matter because *I* almost threw the iPad across the room to run out and get the ingredients… I’ll let you know how successful I am at not shoving the whole thing in my mouth in one go.

Angela - Sounds scrumdiddlyumptious. When I first read it, I didn’t read the list of ingredients properly, but having reread it I realize the onions are caramelized and the peaches lightly cooked. YUM-O-RAMA.
It’s got the sweet, the savory, bit o’ tartness. What do you think – a few crushed chili flakes?
Must try.

justine - OMG, that sounds so dang good! ANd i looove Stanton Social – everything’s so delish there.

Unleash your iPhone! | Guest Post by iPhoneographer Kate Hailey

Hey hey hey! I’ve got a very exciting treat to share with you today… one that’s been several months in the planning (rather, several months in the asking/begging/pleading). Toward the end of last year, I put out a call for questions that people wanted addressed on the blog, and I got several great responses. One of them: What are the best apps to use for taking pictures with your iPhone?

Now THERE’S a question that pertains to pretty much all of us, right? The trouble is that this is something I know very little about… my iPhoneography pretty much revolves around Instagram. But I do know someone who creates kick-ass, fine-art quality images with her phone all the time… all I had to do was convince her to share her time and talent on my blog :D

Fortunately for all of us, Kate Hailey agreed to do just that! By way of an introduction, Kate is a Seattle-based portrait and lifestyle photographer. If you’re familiar with creativeLIVE, you’ll know her as one of the behind-the-scenes gurus there… and it was there that I first met her when I went to Bambi Cantrell’s workshop last year. Kate’s amazing: volunteering for a very cool organization called Youth In Focus that brings photography instruction and mentoring to disadvantaged kids and teens, working full-time for creativeLIVE, and running her own photography business. And on top of all that, she agreed to share some of her wisdom with the East coast via my blog – yay! – so please enjoy, and be sure to leave her some love (and any other questions you might have) in the comments!



* * * * * * * * * * * *

A few years ago, Apple took the smart phone to the next level.

With the release of the iPhone, we found ourselves with instant access to just about anything you could need: web browsing at our finger tips and a camera on the go, all in a small device that fits right in your pocket! Three years later, there are over 500,000 apps in the app store – you can do anything from manage your finances to play games and of course, create images. There are over 11,000 photography-related apps alone in the iTunes app store… crazy, right? Some of these apps are simply amazing. Personally, I have too many apps on my phone to mention, but there are a few that I use most often:

6×6 – A square shooter camera replacement app

Autostitch – For creating panoramas

Hipstamatic – A fun camera replacement app that offers a variety of films, lenses and flashes for you to shoot with. You can mix and match these options to find a flavour that suits you, or you can enable an option to shake it up and have it randomly select these options.

Instagram – A photo editing and sharing app with over 30,000,000 users, available on the iPhone and now on the Android platform too. This one is great if you’re on the go and just want to snap a quick photo to share.

IrisPhotoSuite – Offering layers, adjustments, filters, textures, borders and more, it’s very comprehensive. I use several of the textures in this app a lot.

PhotoMarkr – Add a logo or watermark to your photo

Pic Frame – Create a collage, diptych and beyond

SlowShutterCam – Slow things down, get abstract and play with light

Snapseed – For overall editing with black & white, vintage and faux HDR presets, as well over 1500 grungy kind of textures, a great investment and solid app.

Tiny Planet – Twist and turn your world around. Here are some examples of images I’ve created with many of the apps listed above.

You can create a dramatic landscape (autostitch, snapseed)

…an abstract landscape that almost looks like a painting (or perhaps it does!) (slowshuttercam, snapseed, instagram)

…create a vortex in the sea (autostitch, tiny planet, snapseed, instagram)

…do a little street photography (snapseed, instagram)

…head out to the beach (snapseed, instagram)

…age a flower (irisphotosuite)

…twist a tree and the space needle (phototoaster/instagram)

…or get up close and personal (ollocip and phototoaster)

As artists, we create and capture what speaks to us. We have to remember that the tools are simply that – tools – it’s the vision we convey that matters. And once you’ve realized that vision, I encourage you – in fact challenge you – to share it with the world. Go to Flickr, iPhoneArt, 500px, or even just Facebook to show off what you’ve made. For app tutorials, reviews and more info on my own journey through iPhoneography take a look at my blog.

Thank you for reading!


Jenn - Holy crap Kate! I have tried and tried to make images with my iphone and some of them turn out ok with Instagram, but I’ve never seen an iPhone do anything like this. I’m curious if you have any experience creating motion blur. Does SlowShutterCam allow you to emulate panning on a DSLR? Thanks!

Ben - I’m curious about the vortex pic. How did you put that together? Is that from above?

Amanda - Hey Kate (and Annemie of course!) – thanx so much for the info! Do you find that IrisPhotoSuite causes your phone to slow down because of file size? My phone is pretty full and I’m worried about creating massive pix. Thanx again!

Lila - kate that street photo is fantastic. thank you for sharing.

Sandy - Kate u use instagram in a lot of these but what does it add beyond the “upload to instagram” capability? thanks.

Tom - Thanks Annemia and Kate! Do you know which of these apps are available on Samsung phones?

Ryan Marks - Totally off the wall question: what do you think about shooting an event with this approach? Are the images big enough to print? what’s the file type? thansk.

Laura - Wow – beautiful!

Erin T - Great post! I can’t wait to play with these apps!

Angela - We love those first two photos of the landscapes as well as the twisted tree. Makes me wish I had an iPhone:) Beautiful photos.

Amanda - Holy excitement, Batman! I’m on my way to the app store now. Your shots are fantastic!

kate - Hi everyone!

Jenn! SlowShutterCam has a variety of settings, some of the shorter exposures could work for panning, but it won’t have the detail that images with a DSLR would have. I did a bit more indepth blog post on SlowShutterCam, perhaps this will help ya:

Ben, the “vortex” image started with about a 5 image panorama, in Autostitch, that i then ran through the Tiny Planet app, to create the vortex effect. After that through Snapseed for tweaks and texture.

Amanda, I’ve been using IrisPhotoSuite for years and I love it. I should mention that I normally keep less than 500 photos on my phone at any given time. I sync images to my computer (and then back up) on a regular basis.

Thank you Lila!

Erin, have fun!

kate - I see a few more replies/questions came in. :)

Sandy, I use Instagram most often for sharing. I occasionally use the filters within the app to complement other edits I’ve done before going to Instagram, sometimes I just use the Instagram filters and sometimes I don’t use the IG filters at all. There is a large number of folks using Instagram, so it’s a great way to connect with other folks who are sharing their view of the world, on the go!

Tom, I’m not familiar with any of the Samsung phones, however if it’s an Android platform, I know that Instagram is available for that platform, as well there are a growing number of photo editing apps available for that platform.

Ryan, I’ve done some event shooting with the iPhone, but not a lot. There are certainly some things that call for a camera with some serious control, however I have printed considerable sizes, 12″x12″, 11″x14″ and the like of images produced from my iPhone4s. I believe I could do larger prints as well, just haven’t had the need to yet.

And Thank You to Laura, Angela and Amanda for kind words!

Kenna Klosterman - Kate you are the iPhone queen!!!! I love your art and you certainly are the one I send people to when they ask about iPhone apps! Gorgeous work!

Joda - What great and beautiful photos, Kate. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

kate - Wow! It’s a whole new (beautiful) world you capture. Inspired and inspiring. I guess when Apple went to the next level we all did, especially when the phone is in such capable hands. Thanks for this post!

beth - amazing photos! I can’t even believe the landscape picture above was taken with an iphone. Makes me think I could take pictures like that but let’s not get crazy- total talent Kate!

annemie - Hey all – thanks so much for the comments… I knew you’d love Kate’s work as much as I do :) And now I have my own question: if one wants to get involved in a 52 or 365 project, where should one look and when should one start? I know there are thousands of them out there, but I want something with a fun group and with interesting themes. Suggestions? Thanks again, @Kate!

joycemcc - WOW these are great – thanks for sharing.

Happy Father’s Day | Chapel Hill Wedding Photographer

So I just couldn’t help myself: I was editing up the father-daughter dance photos from Kelly & Jeff’s wedding this morning and what with yesterday being Father’s Day, felt inspired to share… these are just too sweet:

Father Daughter Dance
Father Daughter Dance
Father-Daughter Dance

A Happy Father’s day to all you other dads out there, too – most particularly my own and my kids’ :D





kate - The photos define sweetness, joy and delight. These will be cherished for a very long time. Great job!

Kelly - These photos of dad and I just make me smile – I could look at them all day. Thanks so much for capturing the truly great memory of our dance.

annemie - @Kelly – they make me smile, too… your parents are lovely, and your dad in particular looked like he was having the time of his life all night long :D